Is this the man the DCCC wants to send its fundraising e-mails?

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) sent an e-mail soliciting funds for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) on Wednesday. But the same committee has often had to hit him up for his dues, and he has fallen short on them in the past.

“On Sunday, March 21st, we Democrats proved ‘Yes We Can,’” Kucinich wrote. “Your support will help Democrats in Congress echo the power of the people across the land as we strive to create the America which we know is possible.”

But Kucinich hasn’t always supported the committee as much as leaders would like. Reports show he didn’t contribute all of his dues to the committee last cycle and has a long way to go on them this cycle.

Members of each party are expected to contribute set amounts to their parties’ campaign committees each election season, with the amount set according to their rank in the caucus and committee assignments.

A January report obtained by The Hill showed Kucinich had contributed nothing toward his dues of $150,000 for this cycle. His office said he has contributed $10,000 to the committee since then.

Kucinich has plenty of time to fork over the rest, but FEC reports show he has failed to meet the goal before.

His dues were also $150,000 last cycle, according to dues reports obtained then, and FEC reports show Kucinich contributed just $125,000 – with almost all of it coming in the final month of the cycle.