RNC continues to burn through cash

The Republican National Committee (RNC) continues to trail badly in fundraising. It pulled in $7.9 million in August — of which $7.57 million came from contributions to the committee.

The Democratic National Committee, meanwhile, raised $10.9 million last month.

The RNC will have to rely heavily on debt to get it through the next six weeks. The committee has only about $4.7 million cash on hand, but has a $10 million line of credit it hasn't yet drawn upon, according to a party official.

The committee's cash on hand dropped about $500,000 in August from $5.29 million in July.

The DNC has $13.4 in cash reserves as it looks to help bolster the party’s chances of holding power. The committee also has a line of credit to reinforce its spending power.


Democrats regain fundraising edge

The Democratic campaign committees rebounded from a slow July to best their Republican rivals in fundraising in August.


O'Donnell's online cash haul nearing 'Scott Brown territory'

Since upsetting party-backed Rep. Mike Castle (R-Del.) in Delaware's GOP Senate primary Tuesday, Christine O'Donnell has raised nearly $2 million online. 

A source with knowledge of the campaign's online fundraising operation said that not only is the money is coming in as fast as it did for Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) ahead of his special election, but that O'Donnell's raising money online at a pace that's two to three times faster than Sharron Angle in Nevada after her win in the primary. 

A week before his special election with Democrat Martha Coakley in Massachusetts, Brown raised $1.3 million online in a single day with some 16,000 individual donors. 

O'Donnell's campaign said Friday that it expects to surpass the $2 million mark sometime this weekend and said some 30,000 donors have given since her primary win Tuesday. 

O'Donnell's campaign is utilizing the same online fundraising team that led online efforts for Brown and is currently raising money for Angle--the Indiana-based Prosper Group. 

Democrats, meanwhile, are anticipating that the interest in O'Donnell's race will taper off as the general election nears with one strategist saying Friday he expects the focus to return to "more realistic opportunities" on the Senate side for Republicans.   


Hawaii Rep. Djou outraised by challenger

In one of the lone House districts Democrats are bullish on reclaiming this November, there's some positive fundraising news for the Democratic challenger. 

Hawaii state Sen. Colleen Hanabusa raised $332,887 during July and August, outpacing Rep. Charles Djou (R), who raised $205,676. 

While Djou still holds a cash-on-hand edge, Hanabusa cut into that advantage substantially given two solid months of fundraising. Hanabusa ended August with $403,653 in the bank to Djou's $427,637.  

Djou won a special election for the seat in May but was helped by an intra-party dispute between Hanabusa and former Rep. Ed Case (D). The national party preferred Case, but Hanabusa wouldn't exit the race, so the two ended up splitting the Democratic vote and Djou won with less than 40 percent. 

This fall, Democrats see their chances in the largely Democratic district greatly improved, and place the district alongside Rep. Joseph Cao's (R-La.) as one the party is hopeful it can win back in what is shaping up to be a brutal cycle for Democrats.