Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R) warned the reaction to the Tucson shooting could dampen free speech.  

"We got to be really careful here, because if you start saying: 'You can say this, you can't say that, you can use that tone, you can't use that tone.' Then pretty soon, you know, you start to discourage, maybe chill, intimidate," he said during an appearance on the "Daily Show" Wednesday.

"I even caught myself today, I was talking a little bit about hockey fights and public policy and I thought, 'Oh, maybe I shouldn't bring that up now.'"

Host Jon Stewart and Pawlenty then engage in a 20-minute debate about the different reactions by the conservative movement to the Bush and Obama administrations and the role of government.

When it ended, Stewart said: "You know what's crazy, I'm not sure that you and I really disagree, do we?"

"Yeah," Pawlenty responded dryly.

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