Tim Pawlenty was in Iowa on Monday, where he told a group of religious conservatives that he shares their views but doesn't "become judgmental" with those who don't.

"I share what I believe is applicable Scripture for the moment or the occasion. But I do it in a way that hopefully expresses a tone and an outreach that says I'm being respectful, civil, hopefully thoughtful," he said at a forum in Pella sponsored by Family Leader, a conservative advocacy group.

The former Minnesota governor has been steadily shifting his attention to the conservative wing of the GOP as he edges toward a run for the 2012 presidential nomination. Pawlenty would almost certainly have competition for the caucus votes of Iowa's religious conservatives, but he has sought to make it clear that he's no lightweight on the issues.

"The goal here isn't to dilute what we believe in an effort to try to get support from the other side," he said, according to the Des Moines Register. "The goal is to make sure that we stay true to what we believe, our core values and our core principles, and [with] love and hope and optimism and enthusiasm go into the marketplace and convince others to join us."

He added, "This notion that if you're pro-life you can't get elected, it's not true, even in Minnesota."