Newt Gingrich is set to pitch his plan for energy independence to a gathering of convservative activists on Thursday.

The former House speaker will take the stage at Conservative Political Action Conference to make the familiar plea for a break from dependence on Middle Eastern oil and a switch to a "comprehensive energy strategy that maximized all forms of American energy development," according to notes on the speech released by Gingrich's office.

He'll also reiterate his call for the Environmental Protection Agency to be replaced by a department "that achieves better environmental outcomes through an emphasis on the transformative power of new technology and a collaborative approach with industry and state and local governments." The current incarnation of the EPA, Gingrich will argue, "does more to kill jobs and halt American energy development than it does to protect the environment."

Gingrich is also set to travel to Iowa again on Saturday and tour the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics in Iowa City.