An anticipated major announcement Wednesday by former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsmans (R) campaign is an endorsement by Jeb Bush Jr.

While speculation had swirled that it would be former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush Sr. (R) who would announce an endorsement today in the Miami area, its the former governors son, who had joined Huntsman on a tour of Florida in late June.

I am confident that Jons vision will appeal to young voters, who are concerned about the trillions of dollars in debt being piled on their backs, and who desperately seek jobs and economic opportunity, the younger Bush said in a statement released by the Huntsman campaign. 

The endorsement could give Huntsman an advantage in Florida, a state that the former ambassador to China has targeted in the primary cycle, and where he has headquartered his campaign.

The endorsement could also boost Huntsman with Hispanic voters, and give him some sense of having the imprimatur of the Bush clan, though Jeb Bush Sr. has yet to endorse him, and former President George W. Bush has suggested he would not back a candidate in the Republican primary.

Still, its not clear whether the Bush endorsement will be enough to give Huntsman the boost in the polls hes sought after failing to gain much traction since the June launch of his campaign. Bush will serve as national chairman of an initiative called GenH, the campaigns youth and young professionals outreach program.

I respect the other candidates, Bush said. But in a time of such global upheaval and strife, America needs a serious, experienced leader to restore Americas promise, and that leader is Jon Huntsman.