Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), an anti-pork crusader in Washington, was dishing it up by the ton. His caterer said Paul had ordered 1,200 pounds of barbecued pork, enough food for 3,000 people. The pork had run out quickly, and some Paul supporters described the initial line for food as a "scrum," saying they had gone to Pawlenty's tent instead because his lines were shorter. 

Paul volunteers had replaced the pork with hot dogs and were serving them quickly. The caterer predicted that his stand will have served 4,000 people, and Paul had another stand of hot dogs that was doing brisk business with a long line, although the volunteers running that stand refused to talk to the media.

Sen. Rick Santorum's (R-Pa.) pork burger stand had long lines. His caterers, sweating over the grill, said they had run out of the initial 1,500 burgers he had ordered and were almost through a subsequent shipment of 500 they had brought in as of 1:15 p.m. central time.

Herman Cain, the former CEO of Godfather's Pizza, brought in 400 pies from his old firm to feed the crows at his tent. 

Some Iowa Republican veterans have said the crowd looks larger than 2007’s, and the food orders may confirm that. While last straw poll had 14,300 participants, these four candidates have enough food on hand for at least 18,000 people.