A former co-chairman for former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty's (R) presidential campaign signed on Wednesday with former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney's (R) effort.

Vin Weber, a former Minnesota congressman, will serve as a "Special Adviser on Policy" for Romney's campaign, a senior advisory role on foreign and economic policy.

"I am proud to have Vin’s support,” Romney said in a statement. “Vin will be a trusted adviser and I look forward to working with him to help get our country moving in the right direction again.”

Weber's move is the first in what may be an emerging "Pawlenty Primary," where the Minnesotan's departed campaign staff and top-flight supporters begin flocking to other candidates. There's no clear heir to Pawlenty votes and supporters, though Romney may be best positioned to win most of them over, according to former Pawlenty supporters.

"It is an honor to again work with Mitt Romney. At such a critical time in our nation’s history, it is important that we have someone with his background to lead the country," Weber said. "After three years of failed policies, Mitt Romney’s record of leadership is what we need to strengthen the country both at home and abroad.”