Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain took to the Wall Street Journal opinion page Thursday to denounce President Obama's jobs plan, at times referring to Americans as "casualties" in the president's "ideological war."

"After 43 minutes of his speechifying, Americans were left wondering: We waited 30 months for this?" Cain wrote. "Indeed, it seems Mr. Obama's first term has been spent advancing a legislative agenda that pays no mind to our ailing economy and the Americans whose sufferings are casualties in his ideological war. After a failed stimulus package, preferential industry bailouts, and the disastrous government overhaul of the healthcare industry, it seems the plight of the American worker has remained an afterthought."

Cain said that as president, he would push for the repeal of most of Obama's major legislative accomplishments, including healthcare and financial regulatory reforms. Cain also reiterated his support for his "9-9-9" plan that calls on lowering and flattening corporate and income taxes, while adding a national sales tax.

"This is the worst jobs recovery since the Great Depression," Cain wrote. "If the Obama administration's aim was to merely tie for last place with the previous worst recovery, it would have created 8 million more jobs."

The Journal is an exciting platform for Cain, whose supporters have argued that the mainstream press has shied away from covering the pizza magnate, despite poll numbers similar to those of former Speaker Newt Gingrich (Ga.) or Texas Rep. Ron Paul.