Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) won another gubernatorial endorsement for his presidential campaign on Thursday, announcing the support of Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback (R).

In a statement released by Perry’s campaign, Brownback stressed Perry’s record on jobs.

“I have known and worked with Rick Perry for over 20 years. He is the right leader for this moment in history,” Brownback said. “Now more than ever, America needs a president who knows how to create jobs and stop Washington's runaway spending. Rick Perry balanced budgets in tough economic times, signed the largest tax cut in state history and helped Texas become the national leader in job creation. On the most important issues of our time, his record of leadership serves as a blueprint for America's renewal.”

Perry, who stepped down from his position as the chairman of the Republican Governors Association after he announced his bid for the presidency in August, has won endorsements from two other governors so far: Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval. Brownback was the only governor who accepted an open invitation and joined Perry on stage for his Houston prayer rally in August.

Brownback’s endorsement will also be a key endorsement for socially conservative voters, due to his outspoken record on anti-abortion issues.

“Gov. Brownback is one of the most respected voices for conservatism in the country, and it’s great to have his support,” Perry said in a statement.