Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. (R) criticized former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) for stringing Americans along with her decision on whether to run for president in 2012.

"There’s too much drama and theater in politics," Huntsman said Thursday on ABC's "The View." "I mean come on. You string people along."

Huntsman added that it was clear she was not going to jump into the race.

"Everybody who has anything to do with politics knew she wasn’t going to get in the race.  She has a profit proposition, she’s got a business. She makes money doing what she’s doing," Huntsman continued. "Who on earth is going to leave that for the uncertainty of presidential politics?"

Huntsman's comments came a day after Palin announced that she would not be joining the 2012 race.

She said she planned instead to help conservatives try and take back the Senate and keep control of the House.

"I look forward to helping coordinate the strategies that will assist in replacing our president and retaking the Senate, maintaining the House, helping good constitutional conservatives be elected to the governors’ seats around this nation," Palin said on Mark Levin's radio show in explaining her decision.