Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney took a jab at fellow contender Herman Cain on Monday ahead of a debate that will put the two candidates at center stage together for the first time.

Cain has jumped in the polls since the last GOP debate and won a prime spot in the stage placement reflecting his new front-runner status at Tuesday’s debate.

“Herman Cain is a good guy. Vote for either one of us and you’ll be happy,” Romney said, speaking at a town hall in New Hampshire. It was his second town hall of the day.

Romney has emphasized his private sector business experience as a candidate in the race, which he noted was also true of Cain, the former CEO of Godfather's Pizza. But Romney added that he also has government experience thanks to his one term as governor of Massachusetts. That means he knows how to turn his private sector experience into public sector success, Romney said.

“If I were Herman, I’d probably say I wish I had that too,” he said. “That’s not something you want to learn for the first time as president.”

Romney offered kind words for Cain in August. “I think the only other person who has that kind of extensive private sector experience besides me in the Republican race is Herman Cain,” Romney said.

Cain has seen a surge in the polls since the last GOP debate in Florida, where he won an influential straw poll. Cain had replaced Rick Perry for second place behind frontrunner Mitt Romney in the most recent national poll from The Washington Post and Bloomberg on the eve of the news organizations' GOP debate.