Fox News announced Thursday that it will host two additional Republican primary debates, which will take place in Iowa and South Carolina.

The channel will host one debate in Sioux City, Iowa, on Dec. 15 and the other at Myrtle Beach, S.C., on Jan. 16. They will respectively precede the Iowa caucus, which is scheduled for Jan. 3, and the South Carolina primary, which will take place Jan. 21.

The additions come on top of an already crowded debate schedule — the GOP presidential contenders have met eight times already. Their next scheduled contest is on Nov. 15.

ABC News and the Iowa State Republican Party are scheduled to host a debate before the caucus as well — in Des Moines on Dec. 10. And CNN and the Southern Republican Leadership Conference are set to host a debate on Jan. 19 in Charleston, S.C.

“We are pleased to host these additional Republican presidential debates and provide viewers an opportunity to gain more insight into the nominees at such critical junctures in the 2012 election season," Fox Senior Vice President for News Michael Clemente said in a statement.

Fox anchor Bret Baier will moderate each debate.