Jon Huntsman said that as his campaign succeeds in New Hampshire, his political "stock" will rise.

"I say as we do well in New Hampshire, people will take note of that and we will become that undervalued stock that people will say, 'That's a pretty good investment, I think we'll make the play,' and I think they're going to drive that value up in the marketplace pretty quickly," Huntsman said Tuesday in an interview hosted by ABC News and Yahoo.

Huntsman's comments come as he continues to stake his presidential fortunes on New Hampshire. He hopes to perform well in the early primary state and use that as a springboard to  more victories in other primary states. The strategy is in response to low poll numbers.

In the same interview, Huntsman weighed in on the latest allegations against frontrunner Herman Cain. On Monday a fourth accuser came forward with sexual harassment allegations against Cain, who has taken the lead in a number of Republican primary polls. Huntsman called the entire episode "a distraction."

"It's a distraction and Herman Cain can deal with it however Herman Cain chooses to deal with it," Huntsman said. "He'll have to address these issues, as he will."

Huntsman's comments on Cain don't represent a break with previous statements he's made. As Cain has battled the allegations of sexual harassment, the former Utah governor has said there were legitimate questions to be answered by Cain but that the former Godfather's Pizza CEO would have to deal with that.

While Cain has recently begun polling either alongside Mitt Romney or in the lead of the Republican presidential field, Huntsman has focused most of his attacks on the former Massachusetts governor. On the same day as the interview, the Huntsman campaign released a new ad called "Scared Mittless" and accompanying website, both saying that Romney runs "from tough questions."