The video opens with a clip of Gingrich assessing the core of the country's challenge as a question of policy, values and seriousness. It then attacks Gingrich on each point, interspersing video clips of news broadcasts and pundits detailing Gingrich's support for an individual mandate and action on global warming. It also reiterates the recent allegations that Gingrich lobbied for government-backed mortgage lenders after he left the House.

Paul's campaign did not reveal how much money it was spending to place the ad, but said it would purchase banner advertisements on conservative websites on a state and national level.

“Our campaign is making a bold move to debunk the myth that the Newt we are seeing on the 2012 campaign trail is the conservative he has been touted to be all along," said Jesse Benton, Paul's campaign chairman, adding that Paul was the only candidate with an authentic, consistent career as a conservative.