Huntsman is receiving only single-digit support in most polls, and some experts have wondered how long he will stay in the Republican race.

The former Utah governor suggested Sunday on ABC’s “This Week” that he will stick around for a bit longer.

Huntsman calculates that voters do not really pick the candidate who will get their primary or caucus support until about “10 days out.”

The GOP nomination battle already has had “so many ups and downs,” Huntsman said, “I’m getting whiplash.”

He said he feels “very good” about his “trajectory” in New Hampshire.

Huntsman said his poll numbers there have “gone from zero to double digits,” and predicted he soon would “move to the top of the pack.”

Asked if he believes he needs to finish in a certain spot in New Hampshire to remain in the race, Huntsman declined to “play the numbers game.”

He also declined to say whether he would endorse Newt Gingrich should the former House Speaker win the nomination, saying: "We're going to be the nominee."