Mitt Romney is playing to voter optimism with a new television ad in New Hampshire, contrasting his positive outlook for the country with what he calls President Obama’s glum attitude and failed performance.

Romney’s campaign said the 30-second ad, titled “American Optimism,” will air in New Hampshire and in Boston, whose media market bleeds into the Granite State.

“We still believe in an America that brings out the best in all of usthat challenges each of us to be better and bigger than ourselves,” Romney says in the ad as he embraces supporters on the campaign trail. “It’s time for this pessimistic president to step aside and let American optimism that built this greatest nation on Earth build a greater future for our children.”

Romney’s latest New Hampshire ad extends his strategy of keeping a positive message emanating from his official campaign about everyone except Obama, while letting his super-PAC, Restore Our Future, air millions of dollars of negative ads attacking his GOP opponents.

The former Massachusetts governor will also head to New Hampshire on Friday for a “spaghetti dinner” campaign event before returning to Iowa on Saturday, three days before Iowa begins the primary season with its Jan. 3 caucuses.

The clear and long-standing front-runner in New Hampshire, Romney has been careful not to take his support there for granted, even as he ups his ante on a first-place win in Iowa, where his heavy investment four years ago failed to pay off.

Watch the ad: