Poll: Paul, Huntsman losing ground in New Hampshire

Gingrich held steady with 9 percent, Huntsman was at 7 percent — a drop from 10 percent in Tuesday’s poll — and Rick Santorum has support from 6 percent of GOP voters surveyed in the new poll.

According to David Paleologos, director of the Suffolk University Political Research Center, the number of undecided voters rose in the latest results. 

Romney won the Iowa caucuses, where the first vote of the 2012 cycle took place Tuesday, by only eight votes over Santorum, who took second place after a surprise jump in the polls the week before. Paul earned third place and Gingrich fourth in the Iowa results, followed by Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann, who dropped out of the race on Wednesday. Huntsman won 1 percent of the Iowa votes after choosing to focus his campaign on New Hampshire.

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