Ron Pauls campaign has told The Hill it raised $13 million in the last three months for his presidential run, a substantial total that is likely to be eclipsed only by Mitt Romney.

Pauls fundraising has been strong throughout the year — he raised $8 million the quarter before last, and with Rick Perrys recent spending struggles might have the most money in the race besides Romney, who said earlier this week that this has been his strongest fundraising quarter after raising $17 million last quarter.

He finished a strong third place in Iowas caucuses Tuesday after leading in some polls in the state as recently as a week ago, more than doubling his vote total in the state four years ago after out-organizing many of the other campaigns. Hes also placed second in most New Hampshire polls, although he and the other candidates trail Romney by wide margins there.

The money will allow Paul to compete as long as he wishes for the nomination. Hes been organizing hard in later-voting states and, as in 2008, is likely to stay in the race until the end. But this time, hell likely have the resources to remain on the airwaves.