Nothing about Roemers approach has been conventional. He wont take any contributions of more than $100. PAC money is out. He didnt bother with Iowa, and isnt competing in South Carolina, where he would have had to drop $35,000 to get on the ballot.

He has also been shut out of every GOP debate, losing out on the free media and chance to take on his rivals face to face. 

But hes made New Hampshire a prime focus, and is now besting at least one formerly top-tier candidate.

Were ahead of Rick Perry in the polls, Roemer said. He spent $20 million. We spent $100,000.

When polls close in New Hampshire on Tuesday, Roemers attention will turn to Michigan and Arizona, which vote at the end of February. Roemer said he had managed to get on the ballot in both states, taking a swipe at Jon Huntsman, who failed to qualify in Arizona because of a paperwork error.

Im not responsible for his campaign, Roemer said. His daddy is.