Numbers USA, a group that opposes most forms of immigration to the United States, is going up on television and radio in South Carolina to push the presidential candidates to oppose immigration.

"Not one candidate is talking about why the government is ready to bring in another 1 million legal immigrants this year to take American jobs," the ad's narrator says as photos of all the major GOP candidates and President Obama flash by. " 'Legal' doesn't make it right when there are millions of jobless Americans. Ask the candidates: Who should get new American jobs — unemployed Americans, or will they bring in another million immigrants?"

The ads have $100,000 combined behind them to start and the group plans to try to buy more airtime if it is available, making the buy a small but significant one. By comparison, an outside group backing Newt Gingrich has promised to spend $3.2 million in the state before its Jan. 21 GOP primary.

Immigration is a hot-button topic in South Carolina right now. The state has a fast-growing Hispanic community and recently passed a restrictive immigration law that the Justice Department has stepped in to block. The ad could help put more focus on the issue in coming days.

Watch the ad here: