Newt Gingrich said Tuesday night that his presidential campaign will continue after the New Hampshire primary and that he will "shock the country."

With 70 percent of precincts reporting, Gingrich is tied with Rick Santorum for fourth place in New Hampshire, which Gingrich called "step two of a long process."

"This campaign is going to go on to South Carolina," Gingrich told supporters. "And we're going to offer the American people something very different; we're going to offer them the opportunity to participate in radical change in Washington, D.C."

The former House Speaker said he would be on the ground campaigning in South Carolina by Wednesday morning.

Gingrich said that he could "unify the country" and reverse many of President Obama's policies.

"If we had a Republican House, a Republican Senate and a Gingrich presidency, it would be amazing how much we could get done," he said.