Coming off a big win in Florida's primary last night, Romney is poised to have a strong February. Many of the states that vote are favorable to him and there is only one debate, making it more difficult for the other candidates to alter the race's trajectory. Polls show Minnesota as one of the only states in February where Romney's opponents stand much of a chance of winning in the next month.

Pawlenty said as much in the call, emphasizing the broad slate of states voting in February rather than his home state. "In this next batch of states that's coming up he's going to do very well," he said. "He looks like the candidate who has the momentum toward the nomination."

Romney won Minnesota's caucuses four years ago. Newt Gingrich led by a wide margin in a poll conducted there a week ago, but that poll was conducted right after he won South Carolina's primary and before he slipped in Florida.

Minnesota's caucuses will be held on Feb. 7, and Romney is heading to campaign there this afternoon.