“But the thing is Americans want to honor the veterans in a very cursory way … but they don’t want to honor the veterans by really listening to what they have to say.”

The 14-minute video shows images of planes hitting New York's Twin Towers on Sept. 11, 2001. It also shows Paul defending his position that the 9/11 attacks were “blowback” for America’s actions around the world.  

“Most of the American people are totally unaware of what really goes on with our foreign policy and of the way we’re irritating people. We’re creating a lot of enemies around the world,” best-selling author John Perkins says in the video. The quote appears to be from an old radio clip.

The site also includes a graph indicating “Total Donations by Active Military.” Paul has received almost $114,000 from active members of the military. President Obama is the next highest recipient with more than $68,000, the site claims.

Monique de Leon of Redondo Beach, Calif., the treasurer of the super-PAC, could not be reached immediately for comment. 

Paul has at least one other active independent expenditure committee. Endorse Liberty, with treasurer Abraham Niederhauser, disclosed yesterday spending about $392,000 in 2011 after receiving more than $1.02 million and having almost $628,000 cash on hand.

Paul finished last in Tuesday’s Florida primary. His campaign — Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign Committee — finished the quarter having received $13.3 million this quarter and $25.5 million this year. 

Paul’s campaign spent almost $15.1 million in the fourth quarter out of $24.2 million for the year. His campaign has no debts and $1.9 million cash on hand, according to commission filings.