Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer said Saturday that she will likely endorse one of the Republican presidential candidates before her state's primary on Tuesday, according to reports.

Brewer, who is in Washington for the National Governor's Association's winter meeting, told reporters she will make her preference among the GOP presidential candidates "if I get all my answers."

"I'm pondering, the Los Angeles Times reported Brewer said Saturday. "It's always a difficult decision when you know all of them so well." 

Brewer is popular among Republican voters because of her stance on immigration issues in her state and a widely-publicized altercation with President Obama when he visited Arizona. Brewer got into an argument with Obama about the way she portrayed him in her book, and she was photographed and videotaped pointing her finger in the president's face on the tarmac of the airport where Air Force One landed in Arizona.

Voters in Arizona and Michigan will cast the next voters in the volatile Arizona primary on Feb. 28. Polls show former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney slightly leading former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum in both states.

Brewer is scheduled to appear Sunday on NBC's Meet the Press show, along with Santorum and California Gov. Jerry Brown (D).