Mitt Romney's campaign raised $11.5 million in February, the campaign has confirmed to The Hill.

The haul is a large one, possibly the best monthly total Romney has had since he entered the race  and a big jump from the $6.5 million he brought in during January. It also bests the $9 million Rick Santorum raised in February.

But Romney has been spending at a fast clip and his once-insurmountable cash advantage has dwindled, as the long primary has forced his campaign to spend heavily.

Romney finished January with $7.7 million cash on hand, down from the $19.9 million he had at the beginning of the month. His campaign did not report how much cash on hand they have currently, but Romney spent millions on Super Tuesday states and in Michigan and Arizona, so his war chest is unlikely to have grown much.

The former Massachusetts governor has proved to be a fundraising powerhouse, and if the primary ends soon he'll likely have plenty of time to refill his coffers for the general election. But if the primary election continues to drag, he'll have challenges keeping enough money in reserve for that race while spending on the primaries.