Romney: 'We're not going to a brokered convention'

Mitt Romney guaranteed the GOP would not face a brokered convention in Tampa.

"Look, we're not going to go to a brokered convention," he said on Fox News Thursday morning.
"One or the other of us among the three or four that are running is going to get the delegates necessary to become the nominee. As it gets closer towards the end, it's going to be clear we've got someone who's in the strong lead. The states that remain will vote for that person and that person will get the delegates and become the nominee."

One of Newt Gingrich's top surrogates suggested to The Hill on Wednesday a possible meeting between the candidates to hash out a plan to give one of them the nomination if no one wins a majority of delegates. But Romney scoffed when asked if Newt Gingrich could award his delegates to Rick Santorum, and implicitly denied the idea that such a meeting could work.

"A candidate can release the delegates or keep them," he said. "A candidate really can't get folks to do something they don't want to do. Ultimately, the delegates have more say than that."