Bachmann withdrew from the GOP presidential race in January after finishing poorly in the Iowa caucuses. She said Sunday she would still not endorse one of the remaining candidates because "the people need to decide." 

Bachmann, who has announced she will run for re-election to her House seat in Minnesota, though, said she would back whoever emerges as the GOP nominee.

“Whoever the people choose, I will back that candidate, because I want mine not to be a divisive voice,” Bachmann said. “I want to help unify the party and bring together the Tea Party element, the evangelical, and the establishment, and then reach out to independents and disaffected Democrats."

Bachmann, who has been a strong opponent of the president’s healthcare reform law also criticized him on Sunday, saying he did not "make a peep" on the recent two-year anniversary of his signing the bill into law.

Bachmann credited her campaign for the remaining GOP presidential candidates' pledges to repeal the healthcare law if any of them are elected this fall. 

“Now our nominees, all four of them or all four candidates, have just one answer, and that’s full-scale repeal,” Bachmann said. “That’s 180 degrees different from President Obama, who fully stands behind this very unpopular bill. Whoever our nominee is, they will repeal ‘ObamaCare.’”