Mitt Romney will take home a win in the Connecticut primary on Tuesday, according to a NBC News projection.

The state awards 25 delegates. With more than 50 percent of the vote, Romney could take all of them, getting him that much closer to the required 1,144 delegates he needs to clinch the Republican presidential nomination.

Romney campaigned in the state mostly unopposed, and the former Massachusetts governor tends to outperform the remaining candidates in the Republican field in the region. Rick Santorum, who suspended his presidential campaign earlier in April, also appeared on the ballot.

Ann Romney campaigned on her husband’s behalf in the state, and was the keynote speaker at the Connecticut Republicans’ annual Prescott Bush Awards Dinner in Stamford on Monday night.

“We are going to win in November,” she said in her speech, looking ahead to the general election now that her husband if the presumptive nominee. “The days are long and the road is hard, the trials are there and I never know when I have this little gray cloud that’s over my head when it’s going to start raining on me again and I do need those prayers, but I honestly feel like we are there for a purpose.”

Obama won the state in 2008 by by 23 points, and in the most recent Quinnipac poll taken in March, Obama led Romney by 53 percent to 37.