GOP Presidential Primary

GOP Presidential Primary

DeMint walks fine line on Romney health plan

Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) has walked a fine line on the healthcare law Mitt Romney signed as Massachusetts governor, rejecting its individual mandate while praising Romney for getting something done.

The issue has proven politically challenging for DeMint, a two-term senator who has built a brand as an ardent opponent of government intrusion, but who wants to do everything possible to help the eventual nominee unseat President Obama.

When DeMint met with Romney on Thursday, he said he wasn't bothered by the GOP front-runner's role in enacting healthcare reform in Massachusetts that's not dissimilar to the president's national plan.

"That comparison is not a problem for me," DeMint said. "I still don't like the plan the way it ended up in Massachusetts, but I like the fact he tried to solve the problem."


American Conservative Union head: 'Time for conservatives to unite' behind Romney

The head of the influential American Conservative Union, Al Cardenas, endorsed Mitt Romney on Monday morning, adding his name to the list of prominent conservatives who've thrown their support behind the former Massachusetts governor in recent days.

"For the sake of our republic, I'm not willing to wait until the Republican National Convention to sort this out," Cardenas writes in an op-ed for the Daily Caller announcing his support. "I'm calling on my fellow conservatives, for goals both lofty and pragmatic, to join me in supporting the only candidate that can ensure President Obama's legacy is limited to just four years of fiscal irresponsibility and disregard for our Constitution, and not eight."


Ron Paul: Mitt Romney 'more likely' than rival candidates to 'listen to his advisers'

Ron Paul on Monday said the only compliment he could give GOP rival Mitt Romney was that he might be more willing than his rivals Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich to “listen to his advisers” if they recommended against bombing a foreign country.

“I think Mitt Romney is more likely to be more willing to listen to his advisers,” he said on Bloomberg Television. “If he decides he wants to go and bomb Iran, maybe he might listen to somebody else. I'm afraid the other ones would just go do it anyway."


Bachmann: GOP will unify behind nominee 'long before the Democrats did in 2008'

Former presidential hopeful Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) said Sunday that she was confident the GOP would unify behind its eventual nominee and that the contentious primary would not hurt the party's chances against President Obama.

“We will unify. There’s no question,” she said on ABC's "This Week." “Here it is, March, and we will unify, and I think long before the Democrats did in 2008."