Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R), who provided a last minute boost to conservative commentator Christine O'Donnell in Delaware's race for Senate with her endorsement, said Wednesday that GOP leaders unhappy with O'Donnell should "buck up."

"How about those upsets in the primaries yesterday?" Palin said Wednesday, according to the Tulsa World newspaper. 

Palin, speaking in Tulsa at the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs Liberty Gala, aimed her comments at Republicans like Karl Rove, who has called O'Donnell unelectable in wake of her primary win against Rep. Mike Castle (R-Del.). 

"We have to be able to utilize these new people and new ideas and new energy," she said. 

Palin recorded a robocall for O'Donnell and her endorsement less than a week before the primary provided a major last-minute boost of attention for Delaware's GOP primary. 

Initial reports late Tuesday night suggested that the National Republican Senatorial Committee would not offer backing to O'Donnell in the general election after she defeated Castle, one of the committee's top recruits. 

But on Wednesday, NRSC Chair John Cornyn (Texas) said the committee was fully behind the nominee and touted the $42,000 the NRSC is sending O'Donnell.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) also said Wednesday that he plans on donating to O'Donnell's campaign through his political action committee.