Rubio donor takes credit for anti-Trump skywriting
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Stan Pate, an Alabama real estate developer, said he is behind the aerial assault on the Republican presidential front-runner.
“There’s no place for him,” Pate told CBS News. “He needs to go back to one of his tall towers and build buildings and whatever else he does. He’s a despicable man.
“He spews hate, not only on every candidate, he spews hate on women, Latinos, Muslims and the list goes on,” he added. “And it’s just time we respond and say this is not what we expect out of a candidate running for president.
“I want to see America wake up and say this is not what we expect.”
The message, which read “America is great. Trump is disgusting. Anybody but Trump,” graced the skies before the Rose Bowl football game between the University of Iowa and Stanford.
Pate said he was just getting warmed up, noting that he also bought banner ads at other college football bowl games, including the Orange Bowl, the Cotton Bowl and the Sugar Bowl.
“This is not over. This is just beginning,” he told CBS.
Once touted as “an edgy force in Alabama politics” by the Huntsville Times, Pate gave $5,200 to Rubio’s presidential campaign committee in early 2015, but said he is still undecided in the race.