Cruz still has health insurance despite claims: report
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Campaign spokeswoman Catherine Frazier told the Wall Street Journal that Cruz’s insurance broker told him he had lost coverage after Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas terminated his preferred provider organization, or PPO, on Dec. 31.
But he had actually been automatically enrolled by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas in a “health maintenance organization” plan that kept him covered in January.
Based on what the insurance broker told him, “Sen. Cruz believed the family was uninsured and asked the broker to pull quotes immediately for a new policy,” Frazier said.
“The Cruz family is currently covered by a Blue Cross HMO,” she added.
Frazier also said Cruz has arranged to get a new policy with Humana that is closer to his old plan, which will go into effect March 1 and cost him around 50 percent more than what he was paying in 2015.
A staunch Obamacare critic, Cruz previously blamed the president's healthcare law for his policy’s cancellation.
As a member of Congress, he is eligible for a 75 percent employer subsidy if he enrolls through the Obamacare exchanges.