Trump steps up ‘Canada’ attacks on Cruz
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The billionaire businessman on Saturday again questioned whether Cruz can serve as commander-in-chief, due to his birth in Canada to an American mother.
“Ted has a couple of things: Number one, he was born in Canada. OK? I think that’s a problem, alright? I think that’s a problem,” Trump said at a rally in Clinton, Iowa.
“Now, maybe it will turn out not to be, maybe it will turn out to be, I think it’s a problem,” he added. “In the meantime, constitutional lawyers have now come saying you can’t run for president, because if he gets elected he’s not going to be able to serve. 
“The Democrats are going to sue him if he got the nomination. They’re going to sue Ted Cruz, so what the hell are we doing?”
Trump also hit Cruz on his failure to disclose loans from Citibank and Goldman Sachs during his 2012 Senate run.
“And another problem, on his personal financial disclosure statement, he didn’t mention that he borrowed a lot of money at extraordinarily low rates … from Goldman Sachs – Wall Street – and from Citibank – Wall Street – but he didn’t put it down and he got caught,” he said.
The real estate mogul at one point polled the audience to gauge which line of attack was more effective, to which the crowd responded overwhelmingly in favor of Cruz’s birth.