Carson: Obama was 'raised white'
“I mean, like most Americans, I was proud that we broke the color barrier when he was elected, but I also recognize that his experience and my experience are night and day," Carson, the only black presidential candidate, told Politico's Glenn Thrush in a podcast published Tuesday.
"He's an 'African' American, as opposed to an African-American," Thrush interjected.
“He’s an ‘African’ American. He was, you know, raised white,” the retired neurosurgeon responded. "Many of his formative years were spent in Indonesia. So, for him to, you know, claim that, you know, he identifies with the experience of black Americans, I think, is a bit of a stretch.”
Carson has spoken in detail during his campaign of growing up in Detroit to a single mother and rising to become the director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital.
Carson said that the last time he spoke with Obama was after his stinging speech at the National Prayer Breakfast in 2013. Carson said afterward Obama thanked him for coming. 
"He didn't say he enjoyed the speech," Carson said, laughing.
Carson also said during the interview that he has experienced racism from political opponents.
"I think the way I am treated, you know, by the left, is racist," Carson said, explaining that "they assume that because you're black you have to think a certain way."
Carson was interviewed while waiting for the South Carolina primary results on Saturday. He finished last among six candidates in the Palmetto State.