Glenn Beck: Trump 'abuses' women
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“Should a presidential candidate be so thin skinned that he must belittle, abuse and threaten women?” he asked in a lengthy Facebook post Saturday.
Beck’s comments come after Trump ranted against the Fox News anchor in a series of tweets, demanding his supporters boycott her show “The Kelly File.” 
“Everybody should boycott the @megynkelly show,” he tweeted. “Never worth watching. (It is) always a hit piece on Trump. She is sick and the most overrated person on TV.”
Beck defended Kelly, calling her brilliant, honest and brave.
“I can only imagine the amount of security this mother of three now needs because Donald Trump has gone over the edge with some revenge drama just because she asked a fair question almost half a year ago!” Beck said.
“Donald, she is a journalist,” Beck said. “You don’t like her questions? Fine. Grow up.” 
He added: “I will gladly take a stand against bullies and men who abuse women. I will happily stand in line to protect anyone from abuse.”
Beck said Trump was probably abused when he was young.
“No one will say it, and you certainly won't admit it, but my guess is, you were deeply hurt or abused when you were young. It explains your entire act,” he said. 
“I don't know what your pain is. But it is okay Donald. No one can hurt you anymore and you need to see that in your effort of trying not to be hurt you have become the abuser.”
Trump and Kelly have repeatedly sparred during the election cycle, after Trump took offense to questions asked by Kelly during an August GOP debate.
Trump skipped a Fox News debate in January moderated by the anchor.