Republicans got a double dose of good news in Ohio today.

Car dealer Tom Ganley, who threatened to spend as much as $7 million on his Senate primary against former Rep. Rob Portman (R-Ohio), will instead run for the House.

Ganley announced Thursday that he will challenge Rep. Betty Sutton (D-Ohio).

In challenging Sutton, Ganley clears the way for Portman in the primary and gives the GOP a self-funder in a lower-tier race that it wouldn't have spent money on this year.

Sutton's district went 57-42 for President Obama in 2008. If the wave is big, it's good to have guy's like Ganley in place.

"I believe Betty Sutton's leadership has failed on these important principles, especially in putting people back to work," Ganley said. "I've been asked to take up this challenge and run for the 13th U.S. congressional district in Ohio. After much deliberation and countless conversations with voters across Northeastern Ohio, I have decided to do so."