The Florida Tea Party — an organization some activists in the state are calling a Democratic front group — is threatening to crash an event Wednesday night featuring Republican Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Bill McCollum. 

It's part of the ongoing war between the Florida Tea Party and other activist groups in the state that has focused attention recently on Rep. Alan Grayson (D).      

The South Florida Tea Party is accusing political operative and former talk-radio host Doug Guetzloe of promoting a front group to field fake Tea Party candidates in races across the state, and Guetzloe isn't taking kindly to news that he and his group have been uninvited to an event Wednesday night with McCollum. 

Tim McClellan, a political consultant and tea party organizer, said Guetzloe's group is a fraud and is aiming to confuse state voters on who represents the real Tea Party. "He's just trying to disrupt as many races as possible," he said.

In an interview, Guetzloe said his group is legit and repeatedly spoke of the need to rid the Tea Party movement of its "Nazi wing." News reports have pointed to connections between Guetzloe and Grayson, who has denied any involvement with the Florida Tea Party. And McClellan is convinced that Grayson's Tea Party challenger, Peg Dunmire, is a plant. 

"I've got plenty of security for this event," said McClellan. "So we'll just wait and see what happens." 

A spokesperson for the McCollum campaign told The Hill the attorney general is committed to attending Wednesday night's event and will leave the guest list up to the event's organizers.