The Colorado Republican gubernatorial primary remains in disarray.

Businessman Dan Maes (R) on Wednesday said robocalls were going out to Republicans telling them he’s withdrawn from the race.

Maes and former Rep. Scott McInnis, the other Republican in the race for the GOP nod, had been asked to withdraw from the field by Tom Tancredo. The former Republican congressman said it would be a “disaster” if either man was their party’s nominee because McInnis is embroiled in a plagiarism scandal and Maes has been fined for campaign-finance violations.

Both have refused — this week, Tancredo entered the race on the American Constitution Party ticket.

Maes said the robocalls, which claim to be from “Maes campaign headquarters,” were “cheap shots.”

“My campaign has been focused on a positive, conservative message from the beginning, and dirty tricks in the 11th hour are a clear sign that my message is resonating with voters,” he said in a statement.

He was alerted to the calls by several supporters. 

“I’m proud to notify the citizens of this state that I’m in this race for the long haul, and I have every intention of becoming Colorado’s next governor,” Maes said.

The primary will be held Aug. 10.