Georgia Republican Nathan Deal's tax returns are again causing problems for the former lawmaker.

Deal's gubernatorial campaign has for the last two weeks been promising reporters he'll release his past tax returns. But a spokesman admitted on Friday he didn't file a 2009 return and instead sought an extension.

Democrat Roy Barnes, Deal's opponent, has released 25 years of tax returns.

Because of Deal's past tax returns, the Office of Congressional Ethics in March found that he had improperly described income from his family’s salvage business. He classified the $75,000 he received from Recovery Services Inc. as dividends in his congressional filings, when in fact he reported the money as wages on his 2008 tax return. That amount exceeded the House rule on outside income — the Republican retired on March 21, before the House ethics committee could take further action against him.  

"We'll release them," Brian Robinson, a Deal spokesman, told the Savannah Morning News about the 2009 returns. "You'll know when we make the decision."

When contacted by The Ballot Box, a spokeswoman for Deal said it would happen soon.