Vice President Biden blasted Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli as holding views on women “literally from another era” during a campaign event in Virginia on Monday.

“These guys are the antithesis, the absolute antithesis, of change and progress,” Biden said at an event for Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe, according to NBC News. “Everything they talk about, without exaggeration, is about turning back what the rest of the country and the world think is progress.”

Democrats have hammered Cuccinelli for his support of a 2007 bill that may have allowed for legal challenges of certain forms of contraception. Cuccinelli has said repeatedly he would not seek to restrict birth control access as governor.

The vice president went on to accuse Tea Party-backed Republicans in the state of "hostility to science and technology, innovation and scholarship.”

Biden's rally for McAuliffe came a day before voters in the commonwealth headed to the polls, and a day after President Obama rallied voters in the state.

In his remarks, Obama aligned Cuccinelli with Tea Party lawmakers in Washington who he blamed for last month's budget showdown.

"You've seen an extreme faction of the Republican Party that has shown again and again and again that they're willing to highjack the entire party — and the country and the economy — and grind progress to an absolute halt if they don't get 100% of what they want," Obama said.

In a statement, Cuccinelli spokeswoman Anna Nix blasted Biden's visit as "ittered with absurdities and falsehood."


"Tomorrow, voters in Virginia are going to reject the unserious and dishonest campaign McAuliffe and his surrogates have engaged in, and support Ken Cuccinelli’s vision for stopping ObamaCare and moving Virginia’s economy forward with a competent and responsible economic plan," she said.

A Quinnipiac survey released Monday showed McAuliffe with a 46-40 percent lead over Cuccinelli.  Libertarian Party candidate Robert Sarvis garnered 8 percent in the vote.

But Biden warned Democrats not to be complacent with their polling advantage.

“The other side will generate every single solitary Tea Party sympathizers in this state,” he said. “They will show up.”