Dems in Nevada jeer Romney with gift of $10k in poker chips

Democrats appear to have no shortage of imaginative ways to poke fun at Mitt Romney's now-famous offer to bet Rick Perry $10,000.

Nevada Democrats on Wednesday delivered $10,000-worth of poker chips to Romney's Las Vegas campaign office, in a box lined with the mock $10,000 bill that Democrats have designed with Romney's face at the center.

“While $10,000 may not be much to Mitt Romney, we wanted to make sure he could easily place a bet the size of two months salary for the average Nevada household the next time he was in town,” said Zach Hudson, a spokesman for the state Democratic Party.

The chips weren't purchased at a casino, so they didn't cost the party $10,000 and can't be traded in for cash. But the gimmick is part of a broad attempt by Democrats across the country to dub Romney an out-of-touch elitist by calling attention to the cavalier nature with which Romney offered a big-dollar wager to Perry. The offer came during Saturday's GOP debate when the two governors were arguing over whether Romney had removed a passage from his book.

Also on Wednesday, Democrats hired a plane to fly up and down New York City's west side with a 175-foot banner reading "Bet you 10k Romney's Out of Touch." The flight was timed to coincide with fundraisers Romney was holding in New York.

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