"There's one question I've gotten quite often in the past few months. I've heard it online, while I'm traveling around the state, from the media, and in my Fort Worth neighborhood: What's next? On October 3rd, I'll be answering that question," she says in the email.

Democrats haven't won a single statewide office in Texas in more than a decade, but are hoping the state's fast-changing demographics can help them be competitive there sooner rather than later.

Davis is likely to get serious national fundraising support — EMILY's List, a group that backs pro-abortion rights Democratic women, has already been helping her raise her national profile, and a number of senators have stepped up to help her fundraise for the campaign.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott (R) is the likely GOP nominee following Texas Gov. Rick Perry's (R) decision to retire, and has more than $20 million already banked for the race.