Poizner ad targets 'benefits for illegal immigrants'

Steve Poizner is counting on worries about illegal immigration to gain ground on Meg Whitman in the California Republican primary.

In the wake of a protest march in Washington that drew tens of thousands to the Capitol, the former state insurance commissioner is set to launch an anti-illegal immigration TV ad. The 30-second spot, titled "Liberal Failure," is airing statewide starting Tuesday, according to Poizner's campaign.

"As governor, I will stop taxpayer-funded benefits for illegal immigrants. If necessary, I'll bring it to you as a ballot initiative," Poizner said in the ad, which features what looks like a Buick flying off a cliff.

The consulting firm Stevens & Schriefer Group produced the spot. Last year, the firm gained notoriety for helping Gov. Chris Christie (R) win in New Jersey.