Mississippi House candidate Angela McGlowan (R) is one of 32 African American candidates running this cycle – the most since Reconstruction, according to Essence.com.

McGlowan said the recent surge of interest among black candidates could be traced directly to President Obama. 

"Barack Obama being elected President has paved the way for more Black people to say, 'Hey, we can do it,'" McGlowan recently told the magazine. "It takes hope to be able to run, and even though he may have given hope to people on the right side of the aisle, we're all Black people in this. Whether you're a Democrat or Republican, the first Black President has made a difference in our lives."

McGlowan, a former Fox News commentator, is competing against Henry Ross and Alan Nunnelee for the GOP nod to take on Rep. Travis Childers (D-Miss.). She said it's been challenging to be an African-American woman running in the Magnolia State.

"I've had to meet with officials because we have gotten death threats. I'm the first Black female to run in this district in the history of Mississippi," she said. "There is a website where I've been called 'the Negress' and a 'filthy pig.' My two opponents are older White males. Some of their supporters took a picture of me and altered it to make my skin darker, turned up my nose, and kinked up my hair. They put it on a flier saying that I don't want White people to have guns. My staff and I have been threatened with calls. People in the street have come up to me being hostile. But it's a small, ignorant minority."

Primary voting in Mississippi wraps at 8 p.m.