Rep. Parker Griffith (R-Ala.) becomes the second switcher to drop in a primary, the National Republican Congressional Committee gets disappointed in Alabama's 2nd district and Colorado Republicans are voting for Senate with their feet.

No love for Griffith

Madison County Commissioner Mo Brooks defeated former Democrat Griffith 51-33 in the Republican primary for Alabama's 5th district Tuesday. 

Griffith was a conservative Democrat who left the party after voting against the stimulus, cap-and-trade and the healthcare reform bill. Establishment Republicans such as Minority Leader John Boehner (Ohio) help Griffith raise money but it wasn't enough. Meanwhile, Brooks railed against the party establishment.

Still, the NRCC said it was prepared to work with him. “We look forward to working with Mo Brooks as we prepare to keep this seat in the Republican column in November,” the committee said in a memo.

Bright hopes for Dems

Rep. Bobby Bright (D-Ala.) is a top target for the GOP this cycle but their chances of retaking his seat weren't improved Tuesday when an upstart local businessman forced Montgomery Councilor Martha Roby, the national party's chosen candidate, into a runoff.

Republican Rick Barber, a former Marine, focused much of his energy on harnessing support from the Tea Party movement. He was able to capture 29 percent of the vote on Tuesday while Roby finished with 49 percent, below the 50 percent threshold needed to avoid a runoff.

Barber likened his entry into the July 13 runoff as a miracle. "Throughout the campaign, we've been broke," Barber said in a statement.  "There were moments when we thought we couldn't continue for another week, but around every corner there's been a miracle. Tonight was just the latest and greatest miracle."

No to Norton

Lt. Gov. Jane Norton remains the frontrunner for the GOP Senate nomination in Colorado but Weld County District Attorney Ken Buck is gaining momentum. On Tuesday, attorney Steve Barton, who garnered some 1 percent support at last month's state assembly, announced he was endorsing Buck. He joins a growing list that includes Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) and others.

The primary vote is Aug. 10.