Vice President Joe Biden was in Indiana Monday to campaign for Rep. Baron Hill (D-Ind.).

He spoke at a fundraiser attended by about 200 people, promising that Hill would be going back to Washington D.C., after the midterm elections.

"He is an independent voice in Washington," Biden said, "someone who will serve the best interests of his people at home."

He also praised Hill for being “one of those deficit hawks,” creating a bipartisan debt commission, and voting for healthcare reform and the stimulus package.

Tickets to the reception cost $250 per person, and supporters could also pay $2,400 to get their pictures taken with Biden.

Hill faces GOP candidate Todd Young in the general election.

Hill, a Blue Dog Democrat, is thought to be vulnerable thanks to growing dissatisfaction with his liberal support of President Barack Obama's initiatives. Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) carried his district by one point in the 2008 presidential election. Hill voted against the Democrats' campaign finance legislation, the Disclose Act, last week.

"We know things are going in the right direction and the Republican Party did not [do] a single solitary thing,” Biden said, contrasting the economic climate today with the beginning of his term.

Hill echoed Biden, "it is my hope and prayer between now and this next election, people will see what Democrats are doing,” as the benefits of recent reform legislation become more apparent.

Rep. John Yarmuth (D-Ky.) also spoke at the event.