Democrats are attacking Delaware businesswoman Michele Rollins (R) for accepting a prestigious award from the Spanish government.

In a ceremony in Jamaica last week, Jesus Silva, Spain's ambassador to the Caribbean island nation, presented Rollins with the Order of Civic Merit.

"Michelle Rollins has been someone who saw from the very beginning that the arrival of the Spanish investors was a very positive trend for Jamaica and for its economic and social development," Silva said at the event, according to the Jamaica Observer newspaper.

A spokesman for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee said the award will help Rollins's "bank account."

"It looks like Michele Rollins is more committed to the Jamaican economy than she is Delaware’s," Shripal Shah, a spokesman for the DCCC, said in a statement. "That may serve her bank account well, but it's exactly what Delaware can't afford right now."

The Rollins campaign noted she and her late husband, John, have helped create "thousands of jobs" in the state.

"Michele has 35 years of history in Delaware, she and her husband have helped create thousands of jobs in Delaware," said Matthew Hunter, a spokesman for her campaign. "Wherever the Rollins' have done business, they've always been recognized for their commitment to the community in which they're working."

Rollins heads Rose Hall Developments, which owns and develops property in Delaware and Jamaica. She's running for the state's open House seat.

The award, which confers the title the "Most Illustrious Michelle Rollins," was given to the Delaware Republican in recognition of her role in facilitating Spanish investment in Jamaica.

This isn't the first time that Rollins has had to defend her business interests in Jamaica. In May, primary rival Glen Urquhart (R) raised questions about her dealings and questioned her commitment to the state. But after winning the state GOP's endorsement in May, Rollins is considered the frontrunner in the Sept. 14 primary.

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