Alabama House candidate Martha Roby (R) continues to gather support as her primary rival banks on Tea Party activists to push him over the line.

Roby was endorsed Friday by the Montgomery Advertiser’s editorial board, which noted her “strong work ethic and her ability to grasp public issues.”

“Based on her proven work ethic and her experience as a Montgomery City Council member for the past seven years, Martha Roby is the best candidate for the Republican nomination,” the board wrote.

The National Republican Congressional Committee is also backing Roby, who finished first in the June 1 primary but faces businessman Rick Barber (R) in the July 13 runoff.

Barber has generated national attention with his unconventional advertising strategy. He released a minute-long TV ad that features him yelling about being taxed without representation to a group of men dressed as America’s founding fathers. The ad closes with an actor dressed as a young George Washington murmuring “gather your armies.” He also released a recent Web ad that equates taxation to slavery and features an actor playing Abraham Lincoln.

He boasted to a reporter this week that members would take notice when he arrived in Congress.

“Everybody will know when Rick Barber shows up in Congress,” Barber told the Washington Post. “I met with Martha Roby, but I wasn’t inspired by her.”

While he’s uninspired by Roby, Barber had a kind word about Rep. Bobby Bright (D-Ala.), who he would face in the general.

“I like Bright,” he said. “He’s nice. But he’s got that D by his name, and he voted for Speaker Pelosi. He’s for that agenda.”