One of the GOP’s top House targets this cycle, Rep. Tom Perriello (D-Va.) raised an impressive $660,000 this quarter, his campaign announced Monday. Perriello’s campaign will report $1.7 million cash on hand. 

Perriello is near the top of the National Republican Congressional Committee’s (NRCC) list of targets, given his votes in favor of the healthcare bill and the stimulus. But even some Republicans say they’re impressed by Perriello’s organization and ability as a campaigner.  

Perriello’s opponent, state Sen. Robert Hurt (R), had to endure a multi-candidate primary. Hurt has not reported his numbers for the quarter yet. 

In New Jersey, freshman Rep. John Adler (D) raised $415,000 for the quarter and will have more than $2 million cash on hand, according to the campaign. 

Adler is also a national GOP target in 2010, but he could slide off the NRCC’s radar given the fundraising lead he is amassing. 

Adler is facing a challenge from former Philadelphia Eagle Jon Runyan (R), who has not released his second quarter figures yet. Runyan had just $134,692 on hand before the GOP primary June 8. 

And over the weekend, Rep. Betsy Markey’s (D-Colo.) campaign reported raising $530,000 in the second quarter. That leaves Markey with some $1.5 million in the bank. 

But her GOP challenger, Cory Gardner, isn’t expected to be too far behind. Gardner’s campaign said it will release its second quarter numbers later in the week. According to Federal Election Commission reports, Gardner raised $860,000 through the end of March.